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Much like people, each brand, product or service represents a unique set of benefits and a distinct value proposition. It's critical to understand which consumers hold the greatest potential for your business in today's market, and to design communications and brand experiences that cut through the noise.


Too often we allow vague brand awareness to be the endgame. But, true engagement brings first-hand experience into the mix and creates what we call "share-of-heart"--which trumps share-of-mind every time! We use STRATEGY PLAY,™ our proprietary method of creating playful experiences associated with brands, to develop substantive relationships between consumers and your offerings.

OnStrategy's team serves the interests of clients looking to increase the market potential of their companies, products and services, while establishing or building upon the value of their brands.

Before understanding what's in it for them, consumers need to know how to evaluate your company, product or service. Sending the right communication messages establishes a framework for them to apply, and signals the criteria they employ.

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We help consumer-facing manufacturers, service providers and retailers maximize the strength and influence of their brands.

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engage consumers with your brand

Sure, we all look for companies and products to meet the needs we're aware of. But we have an additional desire to engage in relationships that confirm and reinforce our values. Just as with new people we meet, your brand story--told correctly--can encourage affinity and create consumer-ambassadors who broadcast your message with passion.